Kitchen Gardens in Loughborough

Kitchen Gardens :

Now we are hitting my favourite topic!

You can't beat the smell and taste of the first pickings of the year from the kitchen garden, my favourite is the first whole pea pod being crunched! Delicious!

We create kitchen gardens to suit all needs and abilities and I am always available to help with any advice I can give.

Generally we use sleepers to create the raised beds purely for their longevity and the fact that you can sit on the timbers while picking out the fruits of your labour but we also do a cheaper option utilising 6x2 timbers in any size or shape you desire.

We sell the raised beds as individual items for delivery or we can come out and install them for you, we have found that the beds work best when they are two sleepers high as this is a good height to work at and as I have said before it is the ideal height for sitting on.